Cheshire, Brandon

SunHarvest Solar


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SunHarvest Solar
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2717 W Dunlap Ave
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(623) 755-8323
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Chief Technical Officer/Owner
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10 years of commercial electrical Service Technician and Foreman experience including Hatfield Reynolds Electric, DMC Electric and Hyde Electric
1 year as Commercial & Residential Team Lead at Perfect Power installing over 1.5MW
1 year as Installation Manager and Consultant for My Solar LLC and Urban Energy Solutions with over 4MW installed
Qualifying Party & Founder of SunHarvest Solar & Electrical LLC and during the last 3 years has managed over 1MW of commercial and residential solar PV installations
100% safety rating achieved on all projects
Licensed Electrician and SunPower Certified Associate Solar Designer and Installer
5.76KW solar PV system on personal residence
Other sustainable practices include composting, LED lighting, radiant barrier insulation, tankless water heater, solar pool clorinator, hybrid vehicle owner, and additional water/energy conservation
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